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      Meat Processing Equipment - Get into the Game, Process It

Have you ever brought your game home and ever wondered what it would be like to take care of your own game? Save money on processing fees? Know that you are receiving what belongs to you when you get your game back from being processed?

50 Count - 1 Gallon 3.5 Mil. 10" x 14" Mylar Bags

351014MB - 50 Count - 1 Gallon 3.5 Mil. 10 x 14 Mylar Bags

     These were questions that we asked ourselves at DC Sales Enterprises, Inc. and decided to start processing our own game. Yes, it does require having the equipment to get the job done. But we found out that over a period of time that these tools paid for themselves over and over again. This became a good investment for us.

     As time went along and we began to understand a little more about processing our own meat, we began searching for local farmers that would be willing to sell an animal right off the farm. This saved us lots of money from farm to store plus we were able to eliminate the processing fees. The benefits were tremendous in the quality of meat we were able to consume along with the savings of cost. It's interesting and a lot of hard work but the benefits that we received made it all worth while.

Information on Electric Meat Grinders
Information on Manual Meat Grinders
We believe that a meat grinder is the most important piece of equipment for the processing of meat. With a meat grinder you can use the whole animal without wasting any of it. The scrap pieces that you can't use in special cuts of meat can be ground up into burger, sausages, salimi, smokey stick and much more. We carry Weston Brand electric meat grinders along with Universal & Weston Brand manual meat grinders. These manual meat grinders are also handy for many other purposes in the every day kitchen.


  Weston  Brand  Meat  Smoker
We carry what we believe to be the top of the line Meat Smokers. Our Weston Brand 30", 48" & 36" Meat Smoker comes with many other features that surpass that of our competitors. We have received the highest feedback reguarding the Weston Brand Meat Smoker. If you are into smoking meats or are considering on getting into smoking your own meats, then this meat smoker will take care of that need. The Weston Brand Meat Smoker is not only made of high quality but has an outstanding warranty as well. Click here to check the Weston Brand Meat Smoker out for yourself.

44155 - SM
Stainless Steel Meat Mixer - 50 lb. Capacity

44155 - SM - Stainless Steel Meat Mixer - 50 lb. Capacity

  Meat  Mixer
   We carry the meat mixer that is perfect for the home food processor. We have the 20 or 50 lb. meat mixer to drop your ground meat into with the seasonings and cures of your choice to get a consistent mix. With a meat mixer, you can prepare your meat for summer sausage, snack stick, breakfast sausage and many other types of meat. A meat mixer is a real handy tool for the home processor. Click here to check out the meat mixer to satisfy your need.

Weston Vacuum Sealer PRO-2300 430 Stainless Steel Construction

65-0201-WB - Weston Vacuum Sealer PRO-2300 430 Stainless Steel Construction

  Vacuum  Sealer
If you are looking for a vacuum sealer that is easy to use and does a professional job either for the household or commercial use, then you need to check out the Pro-2100 , Pro-2300 or the Pro-3000 vacuum sealer. These vacuum sealers comes with many features that most other vacuum sealers can't offer. These vacuum sealers are capably of sealing up to 15 inches, one of the largest in the industry. We also carry the 3.5 mil. vacuum bags and rolls that are also commercial grade. If you are into long term storage we also carry mylar bags and oxygen absorbers. Click here to view our vacuum sealers to decide for yourself.

     Here at DC Sales Enterprises, Inc. we strive to sell the best products at the best prices. If you have any questions or concerns, use the Contact Us Page and let us know. We hope that you find this site exciting and very easy to navigate through as this was our intensions when we set it up. God Bless and thank you in advance for your business. We hope you have a pleasant and exciting shopping experience.

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