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      DC Sales Enterprises, Inc. was established for a number of reasons. Experience from life itself speaks for the biggest reason for its establishment. Over a number of years of experience with deer hunting and raising five children, our learning experience become a key point in our survival. 

     Taking care of our own deer and planting a big garden took care of alot of the food costs that we could have had as a family of this size. We also advanced to a point of taking care of our own pork and beef. The money that was freed up from taking care of our own meats allowed us to have other things in life just to make life more comfortable.

     Of course as the kids got older, that meant more tags for more deer which also helped out. One of the key phases through this time in life was having access to a local farmer that was willing to sell an animal right off the farm. Of course it took being prepared at home to take care of the job to get the meats in the freezer.

     We found out that we could not only have high quality meats, but we were also able to cut costs from farm to store. Also we were able to make our favorite specialty meats such as summer sausage, jerky, lunch meat, just to name a few.

     These benefits that I have received in my life are something that I am willing to share with the world. After all, who doesn't like to make an investment that produces lots of fruit. 
     Another reason for the establishment for DC Sales Enterprises, Inc. was loss of jobs. Both my wife and I worked for manufacturers in Central Illinois. Maytag closed their doors to producing products in the year 2004. Their production was moved to Mexico which was around 3,000+ jobs lost due to their closing.

     Then in 2005, Butler Manufacturing Company closed their doors. That job paid the bills for over 31+ years. My wife had five years of service at the closing of Maytag.

     By God's Grace neither company chose to close before my wife and I had the chance to get our kids through their high school years. And at this time being a Grandma and Grandpa of 17 Grandchildren with Step Grandchildren only put us to mind of passing on to them the advantages of processing your own meats. Isn't life great? 

     May God Bless You in all the things you do and good luck in the processing of your own meats.                                  

                                                      The Collins Family

         Our goal here at DC Sales Enterprises, Inc. is to have a lasting relationship with our customers. Our core values are keeping the best quality products available to our customers. Constantly searching for products that customers suggest that we should add into our store. 

    We are totally open to any suggestions or opinions coming from our customers. We also intend on putting enough information to carry you through what it takes to fulfill your destiny through the different books & videos available through this site. We are a company with lots of experience when it comes to the home processor. 

     We will do our best to answer any questions or concerns you may have along these lines. Use the Contact Us Page for any questions you may have.

     The main focus within this site is on a deer hunter although these products will serve their purpose for taking care of many processes. 

electric meat grinder or a manual meat grinder for an example is used to break down the meat to be used for making sausages, smokey sticks, deer burgers, hamburgers, whole hog sausage, jerky, etc.

     The meats that are cooked at low temperatures, for the sake of making these types of products a person will need the proper amounts of cures to put with their meats. This is a really important issue; do to the fact that without the cures a person can become sick from eating these types of meats.

     Of course, along with the cures you will also want to add into the mixture your favorite
jerky or sausage seasonings.

     The books and recipes will be very helpful to explain the different ways to take care of the process you are out to gain. We also carry
videos and dvd's for viewing to gain lots of value information. 

     Meat Scales 
is another tool that is used to determine the amounts of cures and seasonings that are to be used as to the pounds of meat you are working with. 

     Use a Meat Saw 
to cut chops, steaks, ribs, and sections to make roasts out of.

Knives are used to skin and debone your meats. A good steel is recommended to keep your knives sharp as this will make the process much easier. 

     Jerky guns are handy to use as most of them come with adapters to form flat or round portions of meat. This process can be used with grinded meats which makes this process much easier. Of course, you can cut thin stripes of meat and make jerky that way too.

     In order to make jerky, a food dehydrator 
is a very handy tool to use to bring the moisture out of the meats. Some people use their stove or meat smoker to finish this process also.

     Don’t forget to add your cures and seasonings 
to your meats before you cook it down to make it ready to eat.

     If you are to make deer sausage or any other types of sausages, you will need
casings. This process requires low temperatures so you will need cures along with your favorite seasonings.

     These meats will be ground first and at that time is when you mix in your cures and seasonings. 

     Our electric meat grinders 
and manual meat grinders offer stuffing tubes to use for filling these casings.

     If you do not have this type of electric meat grinder
or manual meat grinder you can use a sausage stuffer  to help you with this process.

     Don't forget to 
marinade your meats to satisfy your own taste.

     Again the 
books on different processes will be a great help along these lines.

     There are also 
meat mixers that can be used to combine your ingredients together.

     Some of the larger commercial 
electric meat grinders have this option built in. This process all depends on the amount of meats you plan on processing.

     There are other tools that are pretty well self-explanatory that makes life a little easier. Tools such as
wrapping paper, tape dispenser, hamburger patty maker, vacuum sealing machines, and cast iron cookware.

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