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Find answers here to the most common questions.

     If you can't find the answer to your question here, please contact us. Have an idea on how we can better serve you, just let us know and we will do our best to comply. If you can't find a product here, please let us know what you are looking for and we will try and find it for you. 

How long will my order take? 

     We do our best to get your orders to you as fast as possible. Most orders are received in 5-10 business days. There are some products that are in high demand and has to be placed on back order and requires extra time to get it shipped. When this is the case, we ask that you have patience with us.


Why are there additional shipping charges on some products? 

     Some products require additional shipping cost due to the size and weight of the product. If the product that you are interested in has extra shipping costs, it will already be included through the checkout of your order.


How do I determine what size grinder I need? 

     That will depend on how much time you want to take to get the job done along with the amount of meats you plan to grind. The larger the meat grinder, the more meat you will be able to grind in less time. Also if you plan to make your favorite speciality meats you will want a meat grinder with the attachments for the casing stuffer or use a stuffer with the attachments.


What are cures used for? 

     Cures are used to climate the bacteria that gets into meats. They are also used in meats that are not going to be cooked at higher temperatures. Cures are real important when making anything that requires a low temperature cooking process. Cures need to be mixed extremely well in the process of preparing meats. The books and videos will be of great help along these lines.   


How do I smoke my own meat and do you carry any smoke houses?

     Yes we have serveral meat smokers that will take care of most home processing needs. The books will give you the information and recipes needed to learn how to smoke different types of meats.

What are the different types of casings used for? 

     There are basically three types of casings, natural, collagen, and fibrous. Natural hog casings are sold in "hanks" that are packed in liquid brine. They require refrigerated storage and will last a long time. Use natural casings for bratwurst, polish, and Italian sausage. Collagen casings are used for fresh sausage. It is a natural beef product that is available in different sizes. Unlike natural casing, it does not need refrigeration and can be stored in a cool, dry area in your kitchen. The fibrous casings are a "peel-off" casing used in processing sausages such as salami, summer, bologna. They are available in a variety of colors, sizes, and lengths.


How do I make jerky?

     There are many different ways to make jerky. The seasonings is what determines the different types of flavors for jerky. The books are a good start on finding a recipe and then work from that. Master your jerky making and use the seasonings that fits your own taste.


What are gambrels used for?

     Gambrels are used to hang an animal up off the ground so you can start the process of taking care of your animal.


What type of paper do you suggest?

We would suggest the poly-coated freezer paper. Some people put their meat in a zip-lock bag before putting the freezer paper around it. There are also vacuum sealing systems that work very well to avoid freezer burn and meats that are not going to be used for a period of time.

Which cuts of meat make the best sausage? 

     The cuts of meat doesn't really matter as long as they have been taken care of properly. For an example, you can use the whole deer, etc. if you want to make that much sausage.  


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