Information on Electric Meat Grinder at DC Processing
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Information on Electric Meat Grinder at
DC Processing

     An electric meat grinder is the essential tool when it comes to processing meat. We carry the Weston and Lem electric meat grinder. With an electric meat grinder you can use the scrap pieces of meat that you can't use in special cuts of meat. With a meat grinder you are able to use all of the meat that you can get from an animal. A Weston or Lem electric meat grinder will allow you to make sausages, burger, salami, smokey sticks, etc., with the proper tools, your favorite jerky.
     The electric meat grinders that we offer are made of high quality and is very dependable. These meat grinders are efficient, good looking, easy to clean and best of all - affordable. They have features that are normally found on much higher priced models. These meat grinders are of commercial quality and built to last.
We also carry extra knives and plates with different hole sizes for these electric meat grinders.


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