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Non-Stick Single Patty Maker

Product #:  07-0301-WB

This single patty maker will allow you to create perfectly sized, pressed, and portoned burgers any time with your own ground meats! Making your burgers yourself also allows you to season them exactly to your taste! Prefectly formed burgers eliminate 'fat' burgers that undercook in the center, and 'thin' burgers that fall apart when you try and flip them. Simply place ground meat on the patty-forming tray. Close the lid and press the large, comfortable patty-presser button down to compact the meat. The spring-loaded, patty-pressing design compacts the patty tightly, so your patties will not fall apart on the grill.
Features on this Patty Maker includes:

  • Adjustable patty thickness of up to 1-1/2" thick with a patty diameter of 4-3/8".
  • Non-stick coated surface keeps patties from tearing apart.
  • Markings on the handle make adjusting patty weight easy.
  • Made of heavy-duty aluminum.
  • Easy to clean up.
  • Easy to use instructions.

Pre-made patties can go right from the freezer to the grill without thawing.

Manufacturers Warranty for 1 year from date of purchase for repair or replacement.

Price:  $19.99


Price: $19.99

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